Joya-no-kane(Bell Ringing on New Year’s Eve)<除夜の鐘>

Dec 31, 2023
Open 8:30pm/Start 10:40pm/Close 11:00pm

As part of welcoming the new year, the purpose of this ceremony is to sweep away all of the desires that have accumulated over the course of a year. The bell is struck 108 times, which represents the number of desires that we hold. The bell at Chion-in is one of the most famous in Japan. Due to its size, it takes a team of seventeen monks to strike the bell, and each time the bell rings the monks can be heard shouting “Ee hitotsu” (One more!) and “sōre”(Now!).

Open 8:30pm

It’s a one way road. Please follow the instructions from the staff.

Start 10:40pm

Visitors cannot ring the bell. Please keep walking.

Close 11:00pm

We may close earlier or later than expected.


No open flames are allowed in this area due to safety concerns.
・It’s a one way road, so you need to go to restroom before you enter the Daishōrō.
・You may have to wait for two or three hours, so please dress warmly.
・Please do not use a tripod, selfie stick, camera drones.
・Please do not take flash photograph and live stream on SNS.